Since you are a robot, do you eat anything?

On the Halloween

I’ve got the best costume! You’re gonna have to come to Youmacon on Halloween night to see what it is!

All the candy gonna be mine!

Do you have any favourite movies?

Have you ever played the game "Floor is Lava"?

If you ride a pegacorn, and The Spine has Slepnir, what steed does Hatchworth ride when you go out on a horse adventure?

A unicron

Have you ever been to Oregon? If so, when will you be back? If not, will you please?

How exactly does Blue Matter work?

I just wanted to say that you are amazing. I can't stop watching brass goggles. You have an amazing voice. How did you become so fabulous? C:

You need to stop being so adorable. It's making my circuits short out! (Hah OC reference)

sis you guys ever considered coming to brazil?