Why are you impersonating someone?

Wow, I didn’t know my Orson Wells was that good!

Rabbit do ever think about how it would be like as a human?

But y’know. With robots wanting to eat a cheeseburger.

Are there any other robots in the Walter Manner?

nope jus me. But have you seen my fancy paperweight? I call it…The Spine. Oop! Tea is ready. *removes Hatchworth’s head from the stove and pours hot water from his smoke stack*

What flavor was the ice cream monster you were going to lick last year?

Oh gosh. It’s been like a year. How can I possibly remember? So many ice cream monsters…so little time.

Who is this person and why are they posting tons of pictures of me?

I don’t know who Bunny Bennett is, but there’s only ONE Rabbit.

…Okay except for alternate timeline Rabbit 1-15…and okay, maybe Gelatinous Blob Rabbit with wings. BUT THEN THAT’S IT.

Since you are a robot, do you eat anything?

On the Halloween

I’ve got the best costume! You’re gonna have to come to Youmacon on Halloween night to see what it is!

All the candy gonna be mine!

Do you have any favourite movies?

Have you ever played the game "Floor is Lava"?

If you ride a pegacorn, and The Spine has Slepnir, what steed does Hatchworth ride when you go out on a horse adventure?

A unicron